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Claiming conditions

Warranty claim method of products and services for company VEP, Ltd.


Claim starts on a day of receiving claimed product. Claim department of company VEP, Ltd. solves claim as soon as possible and will pass the information about the result to the customer by letter, e-mail or by phone. Claim will be processed up to 30 days from the day of receiving product. Compensation will be done by replacing product for brand new or by returning money.


Quality guarantee is applied for all products made by company Vep.


Claim has to include:

  • Name of clamed product
  • Specific description of fault
  • Claimed product or a part of clamed product
  • Copy of receipt, bill or any document of purchase


Claimed product can be delivered to our address any way.

Returned fixed or replaced product will be sent at our expenses. 


Claims send to address:

VEP, Ltd.

A.Hlinku 13


972 01



In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us: e-mail:, tel. +421 /46/ 519 81 17



Exchanging, returning products:


Customer can return or exchange product without reporting reason within 30 days from receiving day. In order to accept the return of product, it needs to be furthest salable, without any damage, unused and without customer´s marking logo. Returning product has to be still in offer of company Vep spol. s r.o

In case of returning product, customer covers all charges for shipping and packaging which were caused in connection of the product.

Store is operated by: VEP, spol. s r.o., A. Hlinku 13, 972 01 Bojnice, Slovakia, tel.: +421 (0)46 519 81 11, fax: +421 (0)46 519 81 16
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